Info Gov Pros – Which Association Is For You?

A while back, Barclay Blair posted a fun but interesting take on a group of professionals take on what IG is, but we here at RIM Jobbing have wondered how folks ended up in the IG field. And, to that end, do they consider themselves IG professionals and if so, which professional association bests represents their job/career/development. Our take? None of the above. Is that too harsh? Let’s take a look:

ARMA – The Association of Records Managers and Administrators claims the IG space and is now offering a pop quiz certificate test to gain the not yet coveted IGP designation (we’ll take a look at certifications in a later post). The Annual conference agenda is still very focused on RM, with only an occasional seminar on eDiscovery or Privacy. The Expo floor is also still weighted towards paper records services providers (including getting the best prices on cardboard boxes, not very cutting edge). At $175 (plus local chapter dues), not a barrier to entry. The conference cost is north of $1000, it would be interesting if attendees honestly feel they receive value, or are worried that a negative response would end the limited support they receive from their respective orgs. 

AIIM – Laying claim to the Global Community of Info Pros (take that ARMA International!), AIIM takes a more technical view to ARMA’s policy focus. They also drive revenue  offer a designation in the Certified Information Professional. For those IG professionals struggling with understanding how to extend their programs into the ECM space, there are opportunities to discuss the technical challenges. Pricing comes in cheekily below ARMA at $169 with an annual conference cost at $1400. 

ACEDS – Association of Certified eDiscovery Specialists, less a professional association and more of a business venture of the Intriago Group, the purpose is mainly to get legal, IT and other related fields to sit the CED exam for $800. A much newer player, but  marketing heavily. Value proposition not yet clear.

IAPP – the Privacy Professional association is also relatively newer at just over 13 years as Information Privacy has become more of a concern for multinational organizations operating in the US. Membership mix is an interesting blend of privacy attorneys discussing the legal issues, IT security professionals tasked with implementing and the occasional proactive records manager who elbowed their way into the conversation. 

We won’t delve into the even more specialized designations and organizations, the critical mass isn’t there. But at a first blush, no one organization can truly claim the Information Governance high ground. Which leaves the IG pro picking and choosing (or joining all) based on budget and time.

Has the time come to either merge and combine some of these associations, will one of the above strike the balance needed to truly address the field, or should a new association of IG professionals enter the fray? Sound off below. 


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